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Tongue & Groove Coasters

Tongue & Groove Coasters

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Our coaster sets feature the architectural history of the wood from which they are made. Each coaster is hand-crafted from antique longleaf pine tongue & groove flooring saved by our deconstruction team from historic buildings in Savannah, Georgia.

To make this product, we use pieces of flooring that are too damaged for reuse as flooring. Yet the old-growth longleaf pine is too special to throw away! Tight spacing in the rings of the wood show that the tree grew hundreds of years ago in the virgin forest of North America. Today, longleaf pine is an endangered species, due to deforestation. Part of our mission is to save every piece of this precious heritage material, even when the material can no longer serve its original purpose.

Your purchase includes a set of four coasters finished with natural oil.

Proceeds from this purchase help us save more historic materials from destruction.

Thank you!


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